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AN: This Request is from TheZootopiaFanboy So I have not seen anything of Re: Zero. But from what I have read, Rem sounds and looks adorable. Anyway, hopefully I got her right.

About You: All you need to know is you are a noble man, but nice and all. And Rem and Ram work for you.

(Your POV)
“Master, master it’s time to wake up.” I heard a voice said.
“Mmmm, five more minutes.” I said and old over, only to fall off the bed.
“I was waking you for a reason master.”

My eyes cracked open and I saw standing above me was Rem. I groaned as I stood up. “Thanks for trying Rem.” I yawned and stretched. Rem bowed before leaving. “Rem, wait?” She turned and looked at me. “Do I have anything planned today?” I asked her.

“I am not sure, let me see.” She said and walked out, possibly to my office.

Rem was one of the two servants my father hired for me when he gave me this mansion. I was honestly surprised when he said they would be my personal servants. I thought this might have been some sick joke. It might have been at first but both, epically Rem, have shown quite the loyalty. One I admit I enjoyed.

Tho, I feel maybe me and Rem have grown closer then servant and master. Maybe friends? I shook my head and got ready for the day. I walked out of my room and past a few servants, saying hello and all. Apart from them, I live alone.

I trotted down the stairs and ran into Rem. “Oh, master. I looked at your schedule. Turns out you have no appointments.” She said.
“Really?” Rem nodded. “Wow. Well, since that is that is the case……you don’t mind if I help you with your duties?” I asked scratching the back of my neck.
“W-What?” Rem asked, a slight blush on her face.
“I mean, if you want. I might just get in the way.”
“Oh no, you can master. I wouldn’t mind at all, in fact, it would be a pleasure.” She said, looking down a bit with a rather adorable smile.
“Alright, so um, what are your plans then?”
“Well, me and Rem were going to working in the garden for a bit, work on the weeds.” She said.
“Great, then I guess I should get changed into something appropriate.” I said and quickly went back upstairs.

(Rem’s POV)
I couldn’t help but let out a small squeak of happiness. Ram walked up and watched me as, I guess, was bouncing in place. “What is wrong with you?” She asked.

“(FN) is going to help us.” I said and she got the idea.
“You are just head over heels for him.” Ram said. “Maybe you should finally tell him.”
I stopped and broke out in a huge blush. “I-I don’t know if I can….” I said nervous.
“You do it, or I will.” Ram said.
“Y-You wouldn’t?” I said and Ram nodded. “Fine, I will. J-Just….give me till the end of the day?”
“Alright.” She walked over and patted my shoulder. “Do not worry, I know he will return your feelings. If not, I will hurt him.” She said.

(FN) quickly ran down the steps. “Okay, so huh, ready?” He said and I nodded. We headed out and to the shed. I grabbed the tools and handed them to (FN) as he was holding them in his arms. We headed next to where the both of us where assigned and began working.

As we worked, I noticed (FN) was doing rather well. And he seemed very happy. “You are better at this than I thought.” Ram said to him.
“My mother taught me how.” He said. “She loved gardening.”
“What was your mother like, if you do not mind me asking master?” I said.
“She was sweet. Kindest woman anyone could have met.” He explained. “She was what any cild could ask of their mother.” He then looked around. “And when it’s just us, you can call me by my name.”
“And how is she now?” I asked. He looked down at the ground. I soon realized what he was going to say next.
“She’s gone.” He said.
“I-I am sorry.” I said. “I didn’t mean to-“

“It’s alright. I already cried my tears and everything. I remember my mother always say ‘Live in the dark for only a moment, then move through it.’ I have been through the darkness, and now I am here. Better or worse.” He said and looked right back up with a warm smile. “Hay, thanks for listening you two.” He said.

He reached over and touched my hand. I blushed as he stood up. “I’ll get us something to drink.” He said and left. I just looked at my hand and once again let out a happy squee.

(Two hours later)
After the garden work, I needed to go to the market and get a few things. And of course, (FN) was with me. Ram stayed behind and let the two of us go on our own. I smiled as (FN) walked next to me. I looked at him, then his hand. It was close to mine and I wanted to reach out and touch it.

And guess fate was on my side.

The market was full of people today and I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t get separated, so I grabbed his hand and held it firmly. He looked at me, a small blush on his face. “S-So we won’t get separated.” I said and he nodded.

We both walked into the crowed. I could feel (FN)’s grip on my hand tighten a bit, we got to the first stall. I picked out what I was needed, when I went to grab the money, I noticed (FN) still was holding my hand. “Um, master, I have to huh…” He blushed.

“Oh, right, sorry.” He said, taking his hand away. Tho, it seemed reluctantly. After paying, I grabbed his hand again and we went on. After buying a few more things, we headed back to his home. I didn’t notice I was still holding his hand, until we got to the servant entrance.

“Um, maybe, I should let go now.” He said, sounding…..sad.
“Y-Yeah.” I said and let go. I opened the door but before I could walk in, (FN) gently grabbed my wrist.
“Hay, huh, you mind coming by my room tonight. I-I want to talk to you about something.” He said.
“O-okay. I will…(FN).” I said and he let go with a gentle smile.

(That night, Your POV)
I sat on my bed, nervous as crazy. Before, I felt something special for her, it was a small something, but I noticed it. Now, after today, it has grown stronger, so much stronger. Now, I think I am ready to tell her what I knew that feeling was.

I heard the knock come and the door creaked open. Rem stuck her head in. “Come in and sit.” I said and patted the spot next to me. She walked in and sat next to me. I looked at Rem, and I felt the knot in my throat.

“Um, (FN).” Rem said. “I-If you will let me, I-I want to tell you something.” She asked and was blushing hard.
“O-Of course.” I said. “What is it?”
“Well…..I-I have grown to be close to you, and I want to say is.” She paused and bit her lip and I knew what she wanted to saw. “(F-FN), I love you.” Rem said and my heart filled with joy hearing that.
I smiled and got closer. “I love you too.” I said.

We learned in and both of us meeting in the middle and kissed. I moved my hands and put one on her cheek and the other around her waist. Rem wrapped her arms around my neck and the kiss got more heated. When we broke, I moved some of her hair so I can see bother her eyes.

“Would like to spend the night in my room….and maybe, move in. Ram can move in here too.” I said and Rem smiled.
She gave me a gentle kiss. “I would love to~” She said.

I gave her another kiss and I laid down, Rem on top. That night, I slept nicely, with my arms wrapped around my new, and lovely girlfriend.

My eyes fluttered open as I felt someone gently moved their hands through my hair. I opened my eyes and saw Rem, a loving smile on her face, as she kissed my forehead. “Wake up honey~” She said and kissed me.

“Mmmmm, do I have to?” I asked.
“Unless you want me to make my sister wake you up, then do so.” She said and I chuckled.
“You are mean.” I said and sat up. “Do I have anything planned?”

“Yes, you do.” Rem said and straddled me, kissing me. “You have an all-day appointment with me~” She said and kissed me again. I was in for a long day.
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